What we do

The goal of your Medical Network Physician is to keep you healthy, independent, and in control of your health and medical care!

When you are ill or injured:  If you call an ambulance or go to the ER in an emergency, the paramedics or emergency department personnel will see that you are a member of the Network, and contact your Medical Network Physician.  Your medical record will be immediately available, and your personal Medical Network Physician will be involved from the start to ensure that you receive prompt and appropriate care. If you are conscious, your Medical Network Physician will speak to you directly. Your Medical Network Physician will also speak to your physician/s, as needed.

When you are well: Your Medical Network Physician will maintain your medical record and consult with you annually. Routine health maintenance is important, and medical care that is considered routine will be discussed with you.  Do you need a colonoscopy?  If you do, what sort of sedation do you desire?  Does your blood show that you need supplements? Your Medical Network Physician will advise you in an unbiased manner. Staying well is better than even the best treatment!

Other medically related matters:  Your Medical Network Physician is an expert in medical insurance, costs of medical care, and benefits you should expect to receive from your care.

Do you have questions regarding your past care, or medical bills? The independent Medical Network Physician will review your medical record and both give you an answer, and take whatever action is needed to ensure you are treated in a fair and appropriate manner.

The Medical Wisdom Newsletter: Each month the owls of Medical Wisdom (and Dr. Borden!) will discuss current medical issues. Questions of Medical Network Members will be answered, new medications and medically related products will be discussed.