Our Mission Statement

Medicine has for centuries been an honored and respected profession. The physician has held, sworn to, and been respected for his ability to selflessly help, and advocate for his patients. The primary goal of the Medical Network is to ensure that there will always be physicians that can uphold this high standard.

In this time of changing and evolving medical priorities and administrative/government intervention, the individual and his/her personal interests are unfortunately often forgotten. Financial pressures upon doctors and the employment of doctors by hospitals and other financially motivated groups has reduced the majority of doctors to dependency. Being financially dependent upon a hospital invariably reduces a physician’s autonomy.

Physicians of the Medical Network are, and will remain, independent of these influences, and able to advocate for the patient in an unbiased manner.

The Medical Network’s secondary mission is to advocate for physicians, and to support their efforts to advocate for their patients. Physicians today need this help more than ever before.

The Medical Network will thus advocate for the integrity of medical practice.

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