The Book


This book will take a person from being “Medically Naive,” to “Medically Wise.” There are 44 chapters, each about a particular medical problem. After reading this book you will not only know the important medical concepts, but will understand the medical system. You will have more control of your health, and the health of those you love.

  • I have chest pain, could this be a heart attack?
  • I hurt my ankle, do I need an X-ray?
  • My son fell and hit his head, should I bring him to the ER?

I am an Emergency Physician with 25 years of experience. As a Clinical Professor I learned to teach practical medical concepts to others. As a doctor in the community, I have learned the importance of imparting medical knowledge to my patients. As you read this book you will come to know the very personal and compelling life experiences that have driven me to share these closely guarded medical “secrets” with you.

Mark Borden MD