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Medical Network Physician Code:

1) First and foremost the Medical Network Physician will always advocate for the patient.

2) Some decisions will be clear, but if a choice of treatment path is required, the patient’s wishes, goals, and priorities will be the primary determinate

3) A Medical Network Physician will maintain his personal and professional excellence in order to        both represent The Network in the best possible manner, and to be best able to serve the people that depend upon him.

4) A Medical Network Physician will remain free of financial and personal ties that might compromise his objectivity in the choice of type of treatment, location of treatment , and treating personnel/facility.

5) A Medical Network Physician will never desert a patient or colleague to whom he/she has pledged his help.

6) A Medical Network Physician will never minimize or disparage his or her power to heal, The Network, or the practice of Medicine.

7) A Medical Network Physician will not act in a manner intended to garner praise, approval, or sympathy.  While exercising compassion, the Medical Network Physician will take pride in first being “medically excellent.”  Excellence and correctness/completeness of medical practice are more important to The Network Physician than being “nice.”

8) A Medical Network Physician will always attempt to work with the primary provider to do what is best for the patient.

9) A Medical Network Physician will assume that every fellow physician wishes to do what is best for their patients.  If it appears that a physician is not performing those actions that are within his patient’s best interests, the Medical Network Representative will first bring the matter to the attention of the physician.

10) A Medical Network Physician will always remember that his own, and his patient’s integrity, honor, and freedom is most important.

11) A Medical Network Physician will not be afraid to create conflict, or cause controversy if such actions are required to ensure the integrity of medical practice, and to ensure the health and integrity of a Medical Network Patient.


This group of physicians is called “Medical Network U.S.” People who join the network have a strong group of doctors with nothing but their patients’ best interests at heart. Essentially, they have a “guardian angel” with an MD. Network members still need a primary physician, but that physician will have a partner. When members join, they fill out an Internet-based form that documents their medical history, hospital and physician preferences, and wishes. When a member has a medical problem, be it major or minor, the Medical Network helps to guide their care, ensuring that they are aware of all their options, and that they receive the best care possible.

In some instances more testing is recommended by a Network Physician, and in some cases, less. The goal of the Medical Network Physician is first and foremost the health and prosperity of Network members.

To repeat: what is needed now, and what will be needed even more in the future as financial and business pressures are placed upon our complex medical system, is strong and unbiased patient advocacy.